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Put Your Mask on First
Jul 7, 2014  -  Healthcare Reform Magazine
This has become the most popular article I have written. It describes the importance of professional credentials through the analogy of the need for oxygen masks on an airplane.


Wisdom from a Cuddly Monster
Nov 1, 2015  -  Nashville Christian Magazine
Our children begin to learn wise decision making skills from those they love.


Our National Heroes: They Deserve the Best We Can Offer
Mar 1, 2013  -  Health Insurance Underwriter / NAHU
Highlights the reasons why our returning veterans would be a good match for positions in the insurance and financial service industries.


To Do No Harm
Jul 1, 2017  -  Nashville Christian Family Magazine
The Hippocratic Oath is a vow that can guide each of us but will it apply to the new world that technology is creating.

"Do we have as much wisdom as God gave a goose"
Jun 1, 2014  -  Nashville Christian Family Publication


The Baby Boomer Advisor
Aug 2010 -  Health Insurance Underwriter
Speaks to the need for advisors to be knowledge hungry for advanced educational material. The internet can teach the basics but to be a trusted value added advisor, the clients demand much more.



"A Lesson in Unselfish Love; A Life Insurance Story"
Sep 1, 2015  -  Voluntary Benefit Magazine
A story of how a young insurance agent's life was enriched by the friendship of a remarkable young client. Through the power of love and the amazing benefits available through the financial planning tool called Life Insurance, we are shown how love can become a lasting gift to others.


Making Sense of This Crazy World
Aug 1, 2015  -  Nashville Christian Family
This article discusses the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriages from a Christian view point.


Can Families learn from the Lesson of Adam and Eve?
Jul 1, 2014  -  Nashville Christian Family Publication
An inspirational explanation of the original sin of selfishness and the solution gave by Jesus for us to love God, our neighbor and ourselves.


"What about you?"
Oct 1, 2015  -  Nashville Christian Family Magazine
Views on the messages shared by Pope Francis on his recent visit to the United States and the leadership qualities he demonstrated.