​Thanks to the readers and especially those who use "The Bloodline of Wisdom" for book studies and book clubs.  I am offering the book's study guide to anyone interested.  A number of faithful readers have pointed out to me that because of the broad symbolism found in the book, without the guide, much of the hidden gems of wisdom are never uncovered. 

As an example, in the first chapter we are introduced to the Isle de Mauvais Choix or Isle of Bad Choices.  This uncomplimentary place represents the flaws in our life while the water surrounding it encompasses all the other good things about us.  Close your eyes and envision the glistening waters as far as you can see, except for the small rise of land breaking the flat undisturbed landscape.  Like an island surrounded by water, we all have blemishes in our life that we struggle to change and would like to remain hidden.  They are, as in many cases, the results of secrets, habits or addictions which we would like to change in the big picture of our life but like the vines that cover the heart of this mysterious island they cloak these vices from the eyes of even those who are closest to us.

 Each chapter is written to be part of a captivating story that hooks you into the lives of the characters. In addition, it is filled with similar references that, when discovered, will make you think about your own personal situation.  Many people find by reading the book multiple times or by discussing the book with others who have read the book, they can each take away many more fruitful messages and lessons.   

With that said, if you are interested in receiving a FREE copy of this workbook, please send an email tomodernsolutionary@comcast.netand I will be happy to forward it to you.