Modern Solutionary

An excerpt from the Scrolls of Solomon

“It is my wish for my people and for those Solutionaries that follow me, that they be given a guide to assist them in their work. Together Arif, we will record and list the solutions I have been entrusted with along with the details of their application. Be it known that all people should follow these wise solutions to the world’s trials and problems. If they are correctly followed, blessed will be the Kingdom and the households that abide in their ways.”

Shyly interrupting the Master, Arif raises his quill to catch Solomon’s eye. “Yes, Arif, you wish to speak?”

“For clarity, your Majesty; why would those who carry your blood be required to heed these words? Are they not born with the richness of the wisdom granted to you by Yahweh?”

Arif, though a servant scribe, is always eager to learn from one as great as Solomon.

“And if I maybe so bold a second time, my Lord? You said any man or woman…does this opportunity truly include women and the lowly servants such as myself?”

“You are a perfect example of one who can benefit from these nuggets of truths Arif. You are my servant, yet I see a future when servants will not be indentured but instead servants of choice. They will be paid to serve others. Those who serve will be the riches of people, richer than even the mightiest King. I also see no difference in man or woman. Is not my mother one of the wisest people I know? I believe that all can benefit from these lessons and I will do my part to bring these messages to the world. In reference to your question directed toward my heirs, you will soon see that I, the gifted of God, am still called to study and practice these lessons so as to stay sharp in the wisdom given to me. Does not the finest sword, though sharpened by its maker, still need to be sharpened on a regular basis? So too does the Solutionary need to continue to sharpen the skills that can give them the edge they seek. Amen, I say, of the three sources of wisdom, two are learned and one is of God. Man has no say over if or when God implants the precepts of wisdom into his mind, but surely it is his responsibility to grow in the two other sources and maintain a high moral character.”

A lesson from the book "An Awakening of the Modern Solutionary, The Bloodline of Wisdom"